题目:I have a good friend

I have a good friend. His name’s Mao Jia bin. He is fourteen years old. I’m younger than him. He is very tall. He is taller than the other boys in my class. He likes drawing and playing computer games. He can draw well. He is good at PE and Art, but he doesn’t do well in Chinese and Maths. We have the same hobbies. So we’re good friends. We go to school together. Do you like him?




赛 项 名 称:海南外国语职业学院2015年实用英语口


英 语 翻 译:2015 Practical English Speaking Contest of

主 办 单 位: 教务处团委应用英语系

协 办 单 位: 14涉外事务管理班





三、大赛时间: 2015年3月12日晚7:30-10:00


评委:刘然、景志华、刘丽艳、张萍、张清萍、温春雨、黄有兴 主试官:Jack



















1. 脱稿演讲:参赛者抽取一篇应用性文字(150个单词左右),准备15分钟后进行脱稿演讲。要求语音清晰、语调自然、停顿准确、语流顺畅、情感表达符合短文内容要求。短文内容包括:欢迎辞、会议主持人讲话、节目主持人讲话、导游辞(日程安排、景点介绍等)、答谢辞、告别讲话、欢送辞等。演讲时间为2分钟。

2. 现场描述:参赛者抽取一幅表现某一情景的图画、图表、广告等,根据给出的说明(如进出口额、市场变化、人口变动、生产状况、生产指标、景点介绍等)进行口头陈述。描述时间为3分钟。

3. 情景交流:外教就参赛者所抽题目,跟参赛者进行一对一的现场交谈。交流时间为1分钟。





1. 评委对参赛者的每项表现打总体分(按10分制,保留小数点后1位数)。

2. 比赛分数计算方法:本次比赛共7位评委,去掉一个最高分和一个最低分,取5位评委分数的平均分。平均分计至小数点后2位,如:9.26分、8.72分等。

3. 按比赛两轮的三个环节得分总和的高低决定名次。


1. 评分标准制订原则:公平、公开、公正;客观反映选手的英语口语实用交际能力。

2. 评分方法:竞赛项目基本依照“内容、条理、逻辑、语言”四个方面进行评定

3. 评分细则:以10分为满分,5分为最低分起评分,从5分开始,每1分都分为1个级别。


9~10 分:语音准确,吐字清晰;语调自然、准确;意群、




8~9 分:语音清晰准确;语调较自然;语流比较顺畅;意群




7~8 分:语音一般清晰;能基本完整地朗读整篇短文,语调



6~7 分:语音语调尚可以,有个别漏读或重读单词现象;意


5~6 分:语音语调尚可以;有个别漏读或重读单词现象;语





9~10 分:内容完整充实,能很好地就主题发挥;逻辑性强,


8~9 分:内容完整充实,能就主题有一定的发挥;逻辑性较强,


7~8 分:内容完整;逻辑性较强,表达基本流畅;使用语言基


6~7 分:内容基本完整;条理比较清晰;使用语言基本正确。 5~6 分:内容基本完整;表达尚连贯;使用语言尚正确。




1. Honesty

What is honesty? Honesty means speaking the truth and being fair and upright in act, it will be reflected in our day to day behavior. Honesty is a good habit. Considered a virtue, it is admired in every country and every culture. He who lies and cheats is dishonest. Dishonest is generally looked upon as an evil, and is despised and condemned by the society.

As the English proverb goes, honesty is the best policy. Honesty is important for our study, it will help us get the real ability and learning, prevent us from cheating. But to my surprise, some people consider honesty as a stranger and want to kick it away, some people try to get benefits by dishonest means. For example, when some students can't do their exercises, they copy from their classmates. From copying, they learn to lie. From acting a lie, they learn to cheat on tests or examinations, in order to get good marks.

The same thing may be said of a merchant who tries to get rich by deceiving customers and selling fake products. When those poor quality products caused heavy losses to the society, they didn't realize that they had done something guilty, or rather, they were proud of their so-called wisdom. Those people may succeed for a time, but sooner or later, they will be caught. In the end, no one will believe them and no one will trust them, dishonesty will bring them nothing but trouble, disgrace, and failure.

Honest is our personality. Honest is an attitude of mind. If we want to be succeeding in our life, the first qualification we should have is honesty. It is honesty that brings people together


and makes people trust us. It is honesty that brings us the pleasure of being respected and loved by others. Sincerity, knowledge, support, open communication, and honesty will take us far in our future life.

Sometimes, it takes a lot of courage to be honest. But for those who live this way, the potential rewards are great. We require complete honesty in everything we do. We make commitments with care, and then live up to them. When we live our truth, we seem to have tremendous courage, to be able to face whatever situation. It seems that nothing can stop us. And our positive energy will influence the people around us.

Be honest in our study. Be honest in our life. Be honest can create more aliveness. Be honest can create more love to others. Be honest can create more contribution to our society.

Let us keep up the honesty.

作者:云大附中初二(3)班 王翰音

2. Have faith, and expect the best

Good afternoon Ladies and gentlemen, my dear friends.

My name is Tian Xincheng.

I had an unforgettable experience which I would like to share with you. I used to think that everyone was as happy as I was.

Later, however, I met a fifteen-year-old boy who changed my mind and heart. Once, I went to a village for my holidays that was where I met him and we became good friends. He was wearing an old worn-out coat which was the poorest-looking clothes that I have ever seen! His eyes were so bright and

expressive, as if they were able to talk. He is the eldest among the children in his family, One day I invited him to take a walk along the river bank. He started talking a while after. He told me that he was expecting to go to school, but that he couldn’t. His parents had already decided that he should be a part-time labour the following year. As he told me this, He held up his tears, When he had no choice but to obey his parents or his sisters would have no money to go to school ! He spoke so slowly and so sorrowfully, At the moment, I couldn’t control my emotions and tears rushed out of my eyes. It’s unfair it seemed! Ever since, my mind and heart have changed.

Adversity comes to all of us, and it may happen any time. The most important thing for us is to deal with hard times, cope with changes, to hang in there, and not to be afraid, to feel like the morning sun is Just for you!

When fresh air whiffs by, let’s have faith, and expect the best! So long, so far, for now, Take care!

Thank you!


3.A new chapter in China’s story

In June of 1998, Bill Clinton, then the American president, visited Xi'an. While there he gave an important speech-one that is still inspiring 4 years later and holds many lessons for china's youth, He said:

Over 1,000 years ago, during the Tang dynasty Xi'an was, perhaps, the most open and culturally entire world. Here in this ancient capital, china seems very young to me tonight, blessed with both a proud history and the promise of tomorrow .I know that the character of a nation is determined by the

hard-working people who live here.

We Americans admire your accomplishments, your economy, your hard work, creativity and vision, your efforts against hunger and poverty, your work with us on peace and stability in Korea and South Asia. A new day is dawning for the Chinese people, for China's greatness lies, as always with its people. Respect for the worth, the dignity, the potential and freedom of every citizen is a vital source of America's strength and success.

I believe both Chinese and Americans aspire to many of the same things, to provide for our families, to teach our children, to build our communities, to protect our Earth, to shape our own futures and pass brighter possibilities on to our children. We have a powerful ability to help each other grow. We can learn much from each other. And as two great nations we have a responsibility to the future of the world. Some day our children and their children will ask if we did all we could to build just societies and a more peaceful world.

Although Clinton spoke mainly of America and china in his speech, I think we all must consider ourselves citizens of the world. It is not one country alone, but rather many nations working together who will build a brighter future for all. Political leaders, scientists and regular citizens must all join hands to shape our common environment. Our futures depend on it.

作者:云大附中初三(14)班 张程琰