1. 另外三天another three days\ three other days\ three more days

2. 努力工作的时代 a time of hard work

3. 低矮的建筑low-rise buildings

4.(与某人在一起)自由自在 (be) at ease with

5. 理想的校园生活 dream school life

6. 没有…的经验 have no experience in doing/be inexperienced in

7. 对…很高兴、满意be happy with/be pleased with/ be satisfied with

8. 作息时间 school hours

9. 比以往 than usual

10. 参加集会、会议 attend assembly/a meeting

11. 紧挨、紧靠 next to

12. 校纪校规 the rules of the school

13. 做…的最好方法 the best way to do

14. 赢得…的尊敬earn respect from

15. 尊敬某人 respect sb./show respect for sb.

16. 取得好的成绩、高分achieve high grades

17. 听起来好像 sound like (a good idea)

18. 班主任class teacher

19. 平均 on average

20. 不如…not as … as

21. 过去常常(现在不这样了)used to do

22. 有点a bit/a little /例a bit challenging

23. 一点也不 not a bit

24. 非常not a little

25. 在…上花费…(时间、金钱) spend … (in) doing …/on …

26. 午餐时间 at lunchtime

27. 免费的 for free/free of charge

28. 每逢星期一晚上 on Monday evenings

29. 开班会 hold a class party

30. 放弃一些科目 drop some subjects

31. 比如、例如such as …/for example/for instance

32. 正餐main meal

33. 在操场上、在…领域 on school field/in the field of …

34. 不同的生活方式 different way of life

35. 掌握…的大意 get a general idea of …

36. 逐字逐句地word by word

37. 鼓励…做…encourage … to do …

38. 想、要做… would like(love) to do …/ should like(love) to do

39. 首先first of all

40. 向…介绍…introduce … to …

41. 在周末 at the weekend

42. 上网surf the internet

43. 会上at assembly/at the meeting

44. 准备做 prepare to do… /be prepared to do…

in preparation for/make preparations for

45. 有机会做 …have chances to do …

46. 祝一切顺利 Best wishes

47 . 可利用的(be) available (for …)

48 . 整年 all year round

49 . 远离… far away (from …)

50 . 确信、弄清楚 make sure that …/of …

51 . 校园里 on campus

52 . 在休息时间 during break time

53 . 毕业于 …graduate from …

54 . 一…就 …upon/on doing …

55 . 完成学业finish one’s studies

56 . 培养…(方面)的兴趣develop an interest in doing …

57. 把…捐赠给 …donate … to …

58. 感谢…的仁慈、善良thank for one’s kindness/ be thankful toone’s kindness

59. 做关于…的演讲 make a speech about/on …

60. 意指/谈到/参考/涉及refer to …

61. 在这种情况下in this case

62. 省略 leave out …

63. 而不是instead of …/rather than

64. 注意 pay attention to doing…

65. 以简短的形式in short form

66. 节省空间、金钱 save space/money

67. 做比较make comparisons

68. 比较A与B compare … with(to) …

69. 把A比作B compare …to …

70. 越…,越 …the more …, the more …

71. 完成做finish doing…

72. 在后封面上 on the back cover

73. 遗憾、抱歉地(没)说、告知regret (not)to do (say/tell)…

74. 后悔(没)做 regret (not)having done/.regret (not)doing

75. 通知…、告知inform … of …/that …

76. 随时告知 keep… informed of

77. 开办俱乐部 start a school club

78. 允许做… allow doing…/allow sb to do…

79. 不被允许做…be not allowed to do …/don’t allow doing…

80. 在课间 during break time

81. 仅仅/和…一样不 no more than

82. 不超过 not more than

83. 给…些信息 give messages to …

84. 密友 close friends

85. 播放音乐play songs

87. 被要求做… be required to do …

88. 要求某人做某事 require sb to do sth.

89. 向…大声地读出、念出… read … out aloud (to …)

90. 对…负责be responsible to sb for sth …

91. 做研究 do research on …

92. 提出(观点、计划等)come up with …

93. 被提出 come up

94. 以…为基础 base … on …/ be based on …

95. 轮流 take turns to do sth


1. be common to对…来说很普遍

2. turn up 调大音量,出现,往上翻

3. a waste of time (money…) 浪费时间(金钱)

4. force sb to do sth强迫某人做某事

5. be angry with sb at/about sth 对某人/某事生气

6. arrive back home from vacation度假归来

7. than expected 比预料的

8. can’t wait to do sth 等不急得去干某事

9. be supposed to do sth 理应干某事

10. be to do 计划做,注定要,应该做,想要做

11. in a mess 一团糟

12. in charge (of) 负责

13. in the charge of被负责

14. sth goes unpunished未受惩罚

15. go out 熄灭

16. have one’s arms crossed 交叉着手臂

17. deserve to do sth 理应做

18. have no time to do sth没有时间作某事

19. be too hard on sb 对某人太苛刻

20. punish sb for sth/doing 因为某事惩罚某人

21. in the form of 以…的形式

22. replace…with… 用…来代替

23. have no choice but to do 只好做某事

24. run out (of) 用完

25. treat sb as/like 把某人当作

26. explain to sb sth向某人解释

27. the cause of/the reason for …的原因

28. cause sb to do sth 促使某人做某事

29. practise doing sth练习做某事

30. change sth for sth用东西换东西

31. feel a bit better 感到好多了

32. in formal English 用正式的英语

33. a no-brainer 很容易懂得事

34. a wet blanket一个扫兴的人

35. all ears 认真听讲

36. pull one’s leg 开某人的玩笑

37. look sth up 查询/找

38. green fingers园艺技能

39. all thumbs

40. the pot calling the kettle black

41. rain cats and dogs

42. make a mountain out of a molehill

43. fill in / out

44. more than one…

45. go with

46. give lessons to sb

47. wait for sb to do sth

48. a little bit + adj.

49. be proud of

50. get good marks

51. fail to do sth

52. be tired of

53. be tired with/from

54. stay up

55. feel very well

56. for nothing

57. after all

59. someone else’s

60. ask for advice

61. take/follow one’s advice

62. all the time

63. take sb out for dinner

64. be meant to do

65. keep sth in mind

66. What’s up ?

67. tidy up

68. keep sth looking tidy

69. clean up

70. make a bit of difference

71. either … or …

72. do sports

73. fix one’s problem

74. be/become upset with

苯手苯脚,十分苯拙 锅笑壶黑,乌鸦笑猪黑下倾盆大雨 小题大做 填写 不止一个 伴随,与…相配 给某人上课 等候某人干某事 有点儿 对…感到骄傲 取得好成绩 未能干某事 对…感到厌烦 因…而累 熬夜,挺住 感到身体很好 徒劳 毕竟,终究 某个别的人的 征求意见 接受某人的建议 一直,总是 带某人出去吃晚餐 被打算用来做某事 把…记在心里 什么事呀? 使整齐 使某物看上去整洁 清理,整理 有点与众不同 要么…要么… 进行体育运动 解决某人的问题 对…感到生气

75. early on 早些时候

76. refuse to do sth拒绝做某事

77. as if/though 好象

78. insist on/upon doing sth 坚持做

79. waste some time doing sth 浪费时间做某事

80. in/at Internet cafes在网吧

81. chat online网上聊天

82. at present 目前,现在

83. prevent sb (from) doing阻止某人做某事

84. do harm to=be harmful to对…有害

85. suggest doing sth 建议做某事

86. like crazy 疯狂地

87. play the piano 弹钢琴

88. play foreign music演奏外国音乐

89. send/put sb to bed打发某人去睡觉

90. forbid sb from doing 阻止某人做某事

91. solve the problem 解决问题

92. bridge the generation gap 缩小代沟

93. get along better 相处的更好

94. work on演算,从事

95. work out 解出,结果是

96. make a draft 打个草稿

97. make a final version 作出最后的样本

98. be included in…被包含在





enjoyable有乐趣的 experience 经历,体验 assembly集会,会议 headmaster校长 earn获得;赚,挣得 respect尊敬,敬重 devote致力于;献身 literature 文学

average一般的,普通的;平均的 struggle奋斗,努力;挣扎, 难事;斗争;努力 challenging具有挑战性的 encouragement鼓励 cooking做饭;烹饪,烹调 for free免费

extra 额外的,外加的 fond喜爱的,喜欢的 be fond of喜爱,喜欢


sculpture雕像,雕塑 dessert甜点

look back (on)回忆,回顾 satisfaction 满意 surf 冲浪

academic学业的,学术的 exchange交换;交流 former以前的

graducate毕业生,毕业 fluent流利的

painting绘画,绘画作品 donate捐赠 kindness善意

splendid 极佳的,非常好的 independent 独立的 make use of 利用



somehow 不知为什么;不知怎么地

recent新近的,最近的 professor教授 inform 通知,告知

opening hours开放时间 run管理;操作


approve批准,通过;赞成,同意 charge使承担责任;收费,负责,掌管

in charge of负责,掌管 schoolmate 同学,校友 croadcast广播,播放 preparation 准备,筹备


outing短途旅行,远足 graduation毕业 poet 诗人

generation一代,一代人 literary文学的 select选择,挑选 courtyard庭院,院子 composition作品,成分


curtain窗帘;(舞台上的)帷幕 can't wait to do something迫不及待地做某事

soccer <美>英式足球,足球 frightened 受惊的;害怕的 be supposed to应该……,应当……


starve挨饿;饿死, 使挨饿 cash 现金

garbage<美>(生活)垃圾 pizza 比萨饼,意大利饼


garbage can <美>垃圾桶 adult成年人

tolerate容忍;允许 behavior行为,举止

teenager(13-19岁的)青少年 fault过错,错误




emergency突发事件;紧急情况 anyhow反正;尽管如此 deserve值得;应得;应受 explanation解释,说明 clinic诊所


be hard on对……苛刻,对……严厉

now that既然;由于 rude粗鲁的,无礼的 sign 叹气


hardworking工作努力的;辛勤的stay up不睡觉,熬夜 handle处理;应付 error错误

mix up混淆,弄乱;搅匀,拌合 guidance指导,引导 as if 好像,似乎

insist坚持,坚持认为 insist on坚持,坚持认为

DVD数字多功能光碟(digital versatile disc的缩写) cafe 咖啡馆,小餐馆

Internet cafe网吧 chat聊天,闲聊 at present 现在

argument 争吵,辩论;论点,论据


worried担心的,担忧的 harm伤害 foolish愚蠢的 patience耐心 selfish自私的 distant不友好的,冷淡的,疏远的;遥远的

annoyed愤怒的,生气的 forbid禁止

adolescence青春期 along with与……一起 misunderstand误解

normal正常(的),一般(的) confused困惑的,不解的 physical身体的;物质的 psychologucal心理的 tend往往;趋向,照看 limit限制;极限;界限 wisdom智慧

independence独立 balance平衡;抵消

last持续,维持(一段时间), 持久


work out锻炼

slim苗条的,纤细的 figure体形;数字;人物 ashamed惭愧的,羞愧的 weight-loss减肥,瘦身 pill 药丸,药片



energetic 精力充沛的,充满活力的

recover重新获得,恢复, 复原,恢复健康 liver肝脏

failure 衰退,衰竭;失败;故障,失灵


chemical化学的, 化学物质 treatment治疗;待遇;处理 painful令人头疼的,痛苦的 damage损害,伤害

attractive 有吸引力的,有魅力的 embarrassed 尴尬的,不好意思的,难为情的 pressure压力

overweight 肥胖的,体重超标的 diet节食;日常饮食vi节食,控制饮食

go on a diet节食 prefer更喜欢


suffer受苦;遭受(磨难) athlete运动员

effect效果,作用;影响 side effect副作用 fall out(头发等)脱落 affect影响;(病毒)感染 achievement成就



branch分支;分部;树枝 downtown在市中心,往市中心(尤指商业中心区)

freeway <美>高速公路 midnight午夜

equipment器材;设备 get into shape强身健体

make the most of充分利用 marathon马拉松赛跑

expert专家 chip薯条


comfort安慰;舒适 useless无用的,无效的

in the long term从长远角度看 approximately大约

skip跳过,略过;蹦跳着走 properly适当地

mostly主要地;通常 system身体,(器官)系统;体系;制度


court 数数,认为,算作;重要 peaceful 平静的;和平的 concentrate 集中(注意力、思想等);全神贯注 amount数量

as a matter of fact 事实上,其实

loss 丧失,丢失,损失 gain增加;获得,赢得

【牛津高中英语模块二词汇表】tale n.故事,传说

unexplained adj.无法解释的,神秘的

puzzledadj.困惑的,茫然的 step up 加紧,加强,促进 incidentn.发生的事情(尤指不寻常的或讨厌的)

due to 由于,因为 alien adj.外星人的;n.外星人disappear vi. 消失,失踪 witness n. 目击者,证人, vt.目击,见证

spaceship 宇宙飞船

creature 动物,(具备某种特征的)人

flash n. vi. 闪光,闪耀UFO abbr.不明飞行物

(Unidentified Flying Object的缩写)

assume vt. 假定,认为

construction n. 施工,建筑物 occur vi. 发生

show up 出现,现身

aboard 在(轮船\飞机\火车)上,上(轮船\飞机\火车)

possibility n.可能性detective n.侦探

take charge of 负责,接管 case n.案子,案件 journalist 记者

make up 编造,捏造,杜撰 amazing令人惊奇(惊叹)的 evidence n.证据 injury n.伤害

dismiss vt.不予考虑,解雇,解散 look into 调查;检查 laughter n. 笑声,笑 schoolboy 男生


enthusiastic 热情的,热烈的,满腔热情的

base n.基地,大本营,底部,基础,vt.以…为基础

exist vi.存在

mysteryn.神秘,神秘的事物 comic strip 连环漫画 questionnaire n.调查问卷 tick vt.标记号,打上勾,打对号 statement n. 陈述,声明 disagree vi.不同意 appropriate 适当的


humour n.幽默 discount n.折扣

table tennis乒乓球运动

badminton 羽毛球

organize vt.组织,筹备,安排,处理 tournament n.联赛,锦标赛 award n.奖,奖品,奖金.vt.授予,奖励

Yeti n.雪人,野人(=Abominable Snowman)

Bigfoot 北美野人

Wild Man of Shennongjia 神农架野人

hairy 多毛的,毛茸茸的 human being 人 attack v.攻击,进攻 villager 村民

fur(动物的)皮毛,毛皮 track 足迹,踪迹 centimetre 厘米 length 长度 examine 检查 north-west 西北

dozen(一)打,十二个,十来个 reserve n (动植物的)保护区,储备;vt.预订,保留,储备 strength 力量,力气

belong vi.应在(某处),适应 belong to属于 existence n存在

convince 是确信,使相信 link vt\ n. 联系,关联 ancestor 祖先,祖宗

make one’s way to前往,到…去

survive vi \ vt.生存,挺过(难关)

adventure n.冒险,冒险经历 arrange v. 安排

extraordinary 不同寻常的 flight 航班,空中航行 camel 骆驼

desert 沙漠;vt抛弃,舍弃

dusty尘土飞扬的,满是灰尘的 shade阴凉处,背阴,树阴 brilliant明亮的,鲜艳的 flashlight手电筒 altogether总共


rough汹涌的,粗糙的,大概的 white-water-rafting白狼漂流,激浪漂流

helmet n.头盔 life jacket 救生衣 protection n. 保护 (来自:www.Hn1c.cOm 唯 才教 育网:牛津高中英语模块)in case 万一 backpack n.背包

advance n.前进,预先\vi前进,进步

in advance提前,预先 supply提供,供给,补给 wildlife野生动物,野生生物 photograph照片

defence n.防御,保护 scare是恐惧,惊吓 up close靠近地

mount(常用于山名)山,山峰 tiring让人疲劳的,累人的 atmosphere空气,大气层

Africanadj.非洲的;n.非洲人 afterward adv 后来,然后 sleeve袖子 cheek脸颊 tourism旅游业 schedule n.计划 crane鹤

explore vt\vi探索,勘探 suise n.日出

view vt.观看,看待,n.景色,观点 heaven 天堂,天空 mountaintop 山顶 temple寺院

bury vt.埋葬,埋藏

destination目的地 cage笼子

beauty n.美;美景;美人 south-westn.西南方;adj.西南方的;adv.在西南方,向西南方 highway(尤指城镇间的)公路,干道,交通要道

classic经典的,n.经典作品 novel(长篇)小说 kingdom n.王国 steep陡峭的,急剧的 forever永远地

officially adv.官方地,正式地 spot n.地点,场所

tourist spot 旅游点 publish vt.出版

announce vt出版,发表

tower vi.高耸,屹立;高高升起 n.塔,塔楼


reflect vt反射(声\光\热等);反映

diamond钻石,金刚石 cattle (pl.)牛

wander vi\vt.漫游,游荡,徘徊,漂泊

surrounding周围的,附近的 harmony n.和谐,协调,融洽 endless adj.无穷无尽的,没完没了的


curse n.诅咒;咒语 vt.诅咒;咒骂

mummy n.木乃伊 explorer n.探险家

curious adj.好奇的;求知欲强的

set sail 启航 tomb坟墓




1 关系代词在定语从句中的使用



This man is my English teacher.

He is standing at the door.

如果想把这两个句子合成一个句子,我们可将第二句转换成定语从句来修饰the man,即:The man that/who is standing at the door is my English teacher.

这个句子中,that/who is standing at the door 充当了the man的定语,它就是定语从句;而被修饰的the man叫作先行词,that/who是关系代词。

2 关系代词that,which, who, whom, whose的区别



Is he the man who/that told you the news?


The boy (whom/that/who) I talked to yesterday is my brother.


This is a book which/that talks about geography.


The book whose cover is red can’t be found now.

3 只能用that引导定语从句的情况


This is the best dictionary that I’ve ever used.

The first thing that you should do is to work out a plan.

(2)当先行词被all, some, any, no, little, much等修饰或者先行词为all, much, little, few, none, something, anything, everything, nothing等不定代词时

All that she lacked was training.

She would never do anything that was not approved of by her parents.


They talked about the persons and things that most impressed them.

(4)当先行词被the last, the only, the very等修饰时

This is the only example that I know.

This is one of the very books that I am looking for.


China is not the country (that) it was.

4 引导定语从句的关系代词常用which不用that的情况


Galileo built a telescope through which he could study the sky.

Here is the book about which I told you yesterday,


Football, which is a very interesting game, is played all over the world.

The weather turned out to be very good, which was better than we could except.


Here is the English grammar book which, as I’ve told you, will help improve your English. He was always speaking highly of her role in the play which, of course, made the others unhappy.


That which is evil is soon learned.坏事易学。

That which is well done is twice done.一次做的好等于做两次。

5 which和whose作定语时的区别


Peter spent three years in France, during which time he learnt French.

The house whose windows are broken is unoccupied.窗子破了的那间房子没人住。

注意:定语从句中‘whose+名词’=‘the+名词+of whom/which’

The boy, whose uncle is a judge, is singing under the tree.

= The boy, the uncle of whom is a judge, is singing under the tree.

I bought the book last year, whose cover is broken.

= I bought the book last year, the cover of which is broken.

6 如何确定定语从句的引导词


I’ll never forget the days (which/that) we spent together.

我永远不会忘记我们一起度过的日子。(先行词the days在定语从句中充当及物动词spend的宾语,所以定语从句的引导词要用关系代词which/that)

I’ll never forget the day when (on which) I arrived here.

我永远不会忘记我到这儿的日子。(先行词the day在定语从句中作时间状语,所以定语从句的引导词要用关系副词when,或‘on+关系代词which’)

7 关系代词的省略


He is the person (who/that) we are looking for.

他就是我们一直在找的那个人。(从句中that/who作介词for的宾语,因此可以省略。) 注意:介词后面的关系代词不能省略,而且指人时用whom,指物是用which

The person about whom we are talking is our headmaster.

我们正在谈论的那个人是我们的校长。(whom在定语从句中作about的宾语,而且先行词the person是指人,因此只能用whom)

The company at which my sister works is in the east of the city.

8 定语从句中的主谓一致问题


All that shines is not gold. 发光的不一定是金子

(2)‘one of the + 复数名词’作先行词时,定语从句中谓语动词和复数名词一致

He is also one of the students who go to the park.

(3)‘the only/very + one of the + 复数名词’作先行词时,定语从句中谓语动词和one一致,用单数形式

He is the only one of the students who goes to the park.

9 定语从句与同位语从句的区别




例(1)We were greatly pleased at the news that the Chinese women’s volleyball team had won the match again. 听到中国女排再次获胜的消息我们极为高兴。(that引导同位语从句) 例(2)We were greatly pleased at the news that our teacher had told us.


10 定语从句与状语从句的区别


It is such an interesting book as we all like. (定语从句)

It is such an interesting book that we all like it. (结果状语从句)

11 定语从句与强调句型的区别


It is a book that he wants.

此句究竟是强调句型还是定语从句,就要从语境上来判断。如果它是用来回答What is this/that?这样的问题,意思就是:它是一本他想要的书。句子显然是定语从句。如果是用来回答What does he want?这样的问题,那么意思就是:他想要的是一本书。显然,句子是强调句型。


1 ( )The prize will go to the writer story shows the most imagination.

A that B which C whoseD what

2 ( )You’ll find taxis waiting at the bus station you can hire to reach your

host family.

A which B where C when D as

3 ( )I’ve become good friends with several of the students in my school I met

in the English speech contest last year.

A whoB where C when D which

4( )The old town has narrow streets and small houses are built close to each


A theyB where C what D that 5( )That’s the new machine parts are small to be seen.

A thatB which C whoseD what 6( )The old temple roof was damaged in storm is now under repair.

A where B which C itsD whose 7( )I refuse to accept the blame for something was someone else’s fault.

A who B thatC as D what

8 ( ) Children who are no active or diet is high in fat will gain weight quickly.

A what B whoseC which D that

9 ( ) In China, the number of cities is increasing development is recognized

across the world.

A where B which C whose D that 定语从句(2)

1 ‘介词+关系代词’结构中的介词可以是in,on, about, from, for, with, to等,关系代词只




Who is the man with whom you shook hands just now?


Give me the book the cover of which is red (the cover of which=whose cover).

注意:当先行词是物时,作定语的引导词‘whose + n. = the + n. + of which或of which +

the + n.’


As he was a lively, cousin man, he hid a great deal, and noticed many interesting things, all

of which he recorded in his diary.


He goes to bed at ten, at which hour his brother locks all the doors and windows.


He has bought many novels, the most interesting of which is written by Han Han.


I have three brothers, two of whom have just graduated from the same university.




(1) 介词与定语从句中的动词或形容词是一种习惯性搭配。

This is the book for which I paid 8 yuan.

The two things about which Marx was not sure were the grammar and some of the idioms of English.

(2) 介词与定语从句的先行词是一种习惯性搭配。

There was no way in which it could be bought back to the earth.

没有办法可以把它带到地球上来。(依据短语in this way)

(3) 根据所表达的意思确定

The gas with which doctors can save the patients is called oxygen.

The gas without which we can’t live is called oxygen.

(4) 表示所有关系或整体中的一部分时,用介词of

There are different forms of energy, most of which come from the sun.


此类短语有:listen to, look at, pay attention to, care for等

Is this the watch he is looking for?

2 关系副词的用法

This is the computer where (= by/on which) he has stolen top-secret documents.

Here is the place where (= at which) the murder took place.

He didn’t give any reason why (= for which) I had been fired.


当先行词是situation, point, case, stage等表示某种情景、状况的词时,常用where或in/at which引导定语从句。

Can you imagine a situation where/in which you can use the word?



May 1 is the day I will never forget.


The Three Gorges is a beautiful place (that/which) people all over the world look forward to visiting. 长江三峡是个美丽的地方,全世界的人都渴望来参观。(that或which作visiting的宾语)

Is this the reason that he gave us for being late?



1 ( ) She showed the visitors around the museum, the construction had taken

more than three years.

A for which B with whichC of whichD to which 2 ( ) English is a language shared by several diverse cultures, each of uses it

somewhat differently.

A which B what C themD those