Many years ago a poor man grew an orange tree. 1. _______ On the tree there were many fine oranges. Some day he found 2. _______ one of them was so big as a football . He took it 3. _______ for the king . The king was so happy that he gave the4. _______ poor man lots money. When a rich man heard of it , 5. _______ he said for himself ,“I’ll take my gold cup to the king 6. _______ and he will give me much money . Next day the king received7. _______ from the cup . The king was very fond of the cup and he told 8. _______ the rich man,“I have an orange . It beautiful than the cup, 9. _______ so I have decided to give it to you as the reward instead money.10. _______


One day a doctor was starting his morning works. Suddenly 1. _______ a man ran his room. His face was red and he could 2. _______ only say“Quick! Quick!”The doctor thought he can be 3. _______ very ill. His assistant helped to get the poor man sit in 4. _______ a chair. The doctor gave the man some medicine to make 5. _______ him to sleep. Then he looked into the man's mouth and 6. _______ pulled out all the bad tooths. As soon as the man woke 7. _______ up, he said“Quick, doctor, Quick,”with a low voice.8. _______ “It's all over now,”the doctor told him.“You don't understand,” 9. _______ said the man.“I came to tell you your house is on the fire.” 10. _______


Every morning John goes to work by trains. He always1. _________ buys a newspaper , it helps to make the time pass more quickly . 2. _________ One Thursday morning, he turned on the sports3. _________ page . He wanted to see the report about an important 4. _________ football match the night before . The report was such 5. _________

interesting that he forgot to get off at his station . He didn’t know it when he saw the sea. He got off6. _________ at the next station , and had to wait long time for a 7. _________ train to go back . Of course, he arrived very late 8. _________ at the office . His boss were very angry when Tom told him9. _________ why he was late . “Work is very more important than football ! ” 10. _________


Dear Ralph,

I’m a senior student. I have be in love with a boy 1.————

for three years.

But he is a shy boy, so I wrote him a letter firstly 2. ————

to express my feeling. And he wrote back. In his letter 3.————

he said, “We are students. Our task is study. Let us wait 4. ————

to see until we have any chance after graduation.” So 5. ————

after graduation I telephoned to him, asking him about 6.————

go out . But he said he didn’t want to. He just 7. ————

wanted to sleep and watched TV. 8. ————

What do you think I should do? Do you think 9. ————

I should continue to love him and give up? 10.————


Nowadays,almost every family has TV set,and almost


everyone likes watching TV.TV has become part of our lives 2___________________. TV has many advantages,for example,it informs us the 3___________________.

latest news which is happening in the world;it can open our 4___________________.

eyes,enlarge our knowledge and also help us to see more 5___________________.

about the world.But,it also has some disadvantages.People 6___________________.

waste too much time in watching TV and his normal life 7___________________.

and work are affected.To the children who they spend too 8___________________.

much time in watching TV,it can do harmful to their sight 9___________________.

and healthy.So we should control the time of watching TV. 10___________________.


Dear Tom,

I am very sorry to have learned that your parents killed in 1___________________.

the September 11th Incident.In this attack the World 2___________________.

Trade Center,that was one of the tallest buildings 3___________________.

in the world,was completely destroyed and thousand of 4___________________.



e lost their lives.I'm very angry with the terrorist 5___________________.

activities.We against all forms of terrorist activities 6___________________.

and supported the war against the terrorism.


Don't be too sad.Don't lose your heart.After all,the majority 8___________________.

of the people in the world love peace.I wish you can recover 9___________________. from the sad as soon as possible.Do take care of yourself. 10___________________.

Best wishes.


Li Ming,who has been working as postman for 1___________________.

two years,always wears a suit of green uniforms. 2___________________.

He worked with care as well as with effort.He 3___________________.

serves for the people heart and soul.Every day he 4___________________.

gets up early to deliver newspapers or magazines. 5___________________.

He is so careful and he has never been wrong. 6___________________.

One day he had to send a dead letter and it happened 7___________________.

to be raining hardly outside.But he set out immediately. 8___________________.

He had asked nearly everybody in the district after 9___________________.

he managed to hand letter to the right person. 10___________________.


On Saturday,July 22nd,there will have a few visits to 1___________________.

different places.Everybody is welcomed.All the visitors 2___________________.

will be divided into four groups,Each groups of visitors 3___________________.

can visit one of the place such as a factory,a farm,a 4___________________.

school or hospital,Please sign your name at the Service 5___________________.

desk by 9:00 pm and say which place you wish to visit it. 6___________________.

We'll set out after the breakfast at eight in the morning 7___________________.

and came back in the afternoon.We'll have lunch at the 8___________________.

place of visit.We hope you a pleasant journey. 9___________________.

Do tell me your choice by 9:00.That's all,thank you. 10___________________.


It is on Sunday today.Early in the morning my 1___________________.

classmate and I went to Xi Shan by bus to plant 2___________________.

trees.As soon as we got there,we began work. 3___________________.

Some were digging,some planted,and there were 4___________________.

still some watering.Both of us were trying hard to 5___________________.

plant as much as we could.All of us were afraid of 6___________________.

falling behind.After work,we were wet all over.Looking 7___________________.

at lines of young trees,we forgot our tiredness.We 8___________________.

came back at 12.we all think it is necessary of us to take 9___________________.

part in this kind of physically labor. 10___________________.


Dear editor,

My name is Xiao Hai,boy student in senior Three. I don't think it is necessary to write the “S” in a capital letter what do you think, Editor? 1___________________.

Recently I've read in Shanghai Students' Post that 2___________________.

you need some students reporters.I am anxious to 3___________________.

be one of them.I very like English.I have been 4___________________.

learned it since eight years ago.Now I can talk 5___________________.

with foreigners with English.I can read China Daily. 6___________________.

I took the first place in writing an English composition 7___________________. contest.Besides,I do well in a computer competition. 8___________________. Would you be so kind as to receive me? 9___________________.

I am looking forward to hear from you soon. 10___________________.


A group of cows refused to across yellow lines which 1___________________. had painted on a road near their farm in Somerset.The 2___________________. markings were painted as a traffic calming measure,but 3___________________.

experts think the cows may believe in it is a cattle grid (格子). 4___________________. Farmer Gordan Brinson said he was surprised on the reaction 5___________________. the animals has to the lines.“We were bringing them in for 6___________________. the winter,but had to get them over the yellow lineslots 7___________________. of yellow stripes across the road.When the cattle came the 8___________________. lines,they stopped and would not go.The cattle was not the 9___________________. only animals unused to the new lines.The horses had troubles 10___________________. going over it as wellthey tried to jump the lines.”


Dear Tom,

How time flies!It's two weeks after the beginning


of our summer holiday.How are you going along recently? 2___________________. I've been staying with my uncle.I found interesting


to live here.However,I feel a bit alone,because I have 4___________________. no friends to play but my fiveyearold cousin.My 5___________________. uncle permitted me to invite you to here.Therefore,


I send the email to you and hope you to come here.


Please write to me as quickly as you make up your


mind.Take Bus No.225 from Xiamen Road and it


will spend you an hour to get to the bus stop.I'll meet 10___________________. you there.

Yours truly,



We’ve just moved in a house and we want to 1. _____

buy a new color television set, and I’m not 2. _____

sure about a size. Maybe we should buy a big 3. _____

one. If we buy a small one, we might have 4. _____

to change for it in a few years’ time for a bigger 5. _____one. My husband thinks it’s no necessary to buy 6. _____a very big one. He said our sitting room isn’t very 7. _____big. If we put in a very big television, they will 8. _____be bad for our eyes. Anyway, we’d better to make 9. _____quick decision because the price may go up soon. 10. ____


I live in the country and my father was a farmer. 1. __________ He is now forty-five year old. Because of years of 2. __________hard work, he looks old than his age. When I was 3. __________young, he is used to tell me the importance of study. 4. __________Father knows little about English and other subjects, 5. __________but he usually gives me some good advices on how 6. __________to learn my lessons good. He is not only kind to me 7. __________but also very strict in me. With his help, I’ve made 8. __________great progress. I’ll never to forget what he taught 9. __________me. I think my father is best father in the world. 10. _________


Thank you for your offer invite me to the free 1. __________



I live in the country and my father was a farmer. 1. __________

He is now forty-five year old. Because of years of2. __________

hard work, he looks old than his age. When I was 3. __________

young, he used to tell me the importance study.4. __________

Father knows little about English and other subjects,5. __________

but he usually gives me some good advices on how6. __________

to learn my lessons good. He is not only kind to me7. __________

but also very strict in me. With his help, I’ve made 8. __________

great progress. I’ll never to forget what he taught 9. __________

me. I think my father is best father in the world.10. _________


We’ve just moved in a house and we want to1.

buy a new color television set, and I’m not2.

sure about a size. Maybe we should buy a big

one. If we buy a small one, we might have

to change it in a few years’ time a bigger

one. My husband thinks it’s no necessary to buy 6. a very big one. He said our sitting room isn’t very 7.

big. If we put in a very big television, they will

be bad for our eyes. Anyway, we’d better to make quick decision because the price may go up soon.


Most families in China hoped their single children willhave a happy future, so they are very strict in their children. 2.

So do teachers in schools! Many children are given so much 3.

homework that they have hardly any spare time have sports. 4.

The children are forbidden to do anything but to study. No5.

wonder so many children are tired of lessons. Some even 6. attack or kill his parents and teachers! I believe many 7.

people already read this kind of news in newspapers or magazines.8. Shouldn’t we draw a lessons from the accidents? Now our 9.

government is making out a plan to solve the education problems.


Nowadays, almost every family has TV set, and almost everyone likes watching TV. TV has become a part of our life. TV has any advantages, for example, it informs us of the latest news which is happening in the world; it can open oureyes, enlarge our knowledge and also help us to see more about the world.it also has some disadvantages. People waste too much time in watching TV and his normal life and work are affected.To the children who they spend too

much times in watching TV, it can do harm to their sight and healthy. So we should control the time of watching TV. E

The Huaihe River has been serious polluted. Day and night millions of tons of waste water is being poured it from hundreds of factories. The waste water is harmful. At presentthere is no fish in it. The river water cannot be drunk. People ineither bank have to dig wells to take drinking water. The HuaiheRiver is such dirty and poisonous that people don’t dare swimin it. Something must be done to stopping the pollution. Thegovernment and the people near the river must try to clear wateras soon as possible. Now special attention has been pay to the pollution by the government and more scientists. The pollutionwill be prevented in the near future.


Dear Abby,

How are you? Today I’ve got a wonderful news to tell you.

I have offered a scholarship at a university in Australia for my further education. One hundred and twenty students took examfor it, but only a few was chosen and I was one of them. However, my parents are not happy about it. They are strongly against Igoing there. They say it is too far away that they will not see mefor a whole year and they are afraid I will feel alone. They can’timagine a girl so young living alone. They advise me to studyingin the capital instead. Then I’ll be able to continue living them. How can I persuade them to accept the fact that I have grown up?Best wishes


【参考答案】 A

1.was →is 2.year→years3.old→older4.加of在importance后5.√

6.advices→advice 7.good→well 8.in→with 9.去掉to10.best前加the B

1.in→into 2.and→but 3.a→the 4. √ 5.time后加for

6.no→ not 7.said→says 8.they→it 9.去掉to 10.quick前加a C

1.hoped→hope 2.in→with 3.do→are 4.have前加to 5.去掉第二个to

6.√ 7.his→their 8.already→have9.lessons→lesson10. making→carrying D

1. has后加a2. life→lives3. any→many4. which→that 5. √

6. 在it前加However7. his→their8. 去掉they9. times→time 10. healthy→health E

1. serious→seriously 2. it前加 into3. √4. in→on5. take→get

6. such→so7. stopping→stop8. water前加the9. pay→paid 10. 去掉more


1. 去掉a2. have后加been3. exam→exams 4. was→were5. I → me

6. too→so7. alone→lonely8. studying→study9. living后加with10. √


Dear sir,

I ‘m very sorry trouble you .

My name is Mary. I usually do the shop at your store.

Three days ago, I bought some clothes at your store .

When I went home ,I found some problem.

The pants is too short for my husband .

And my daughter don’t like the red skirt .

She likes a yellow skirt one .

I will glad if you can change

me some new one.



Alice and Jack are middle school student .

They volunteer them time to help other people .

The work take them 3 hours a week .1._________2. _________ 3._________ 1. _________ 2._________ 3. _________ 5._________ 6. _________ 7. _________ 8. _________ 9. _________ 10. _________ But I was not carefully enough then. .4. _________ Alice loves read .She often helps young children to read .4._________ Jack likes animals .He wants to be a vet before he leaves school . 5._________ Every Saturday morning he goes to work in a animals hospital. 6. _________ He says he has learned a lot of about animals7._________ Alice and Jack both think volunteering is great . 8. _________ They feel good about help other people . 9._________ They spend time doing what they love to do . 10. _________ 三、

Dear Timmy ,

How are you ? It is over a year since I see you last time .1._________ I am glad to telling you that we had an outing on April 9 .2._________ We set out form our school bus at 7:00 a.m. 3._________ An hour later we arrive at a lake . 4._________ The lake was very beautifully . 5. _________ We boated on the lake and have lunch in a small restaurant . 6._________ At 4:00 p.m , we had to go away back . 7. _________

All of we had a wonderful time . 8. _________How did you spend you spring time ?9._________I ‘m looking forward to receiving your letter soon. 10._________


Xiao Ming


Good morning !

We are very happy to here today .

Now let me introduce myself and my friends for you .

My name is Andy .I’m come from Canda. I ‘m eighteen .

I have many hobby. But collecting stamps is my favourite .

. He is Mike . he come from America .

He is twenty – four .He likes play football .

He started play football five years ago .

She is Mary . She is from English . She is thirty .

Playing ping-pong is she favourite .

That’s all , thank you !


I have a cat .It’s name is Mimi .

It has short , grey fur or white paws .

Its eyes is green . It weigh about two kilograms.

Usually , its favourite foods is fish.

It also likes milk if it not too cold .

It likes sleep in a basket .

When it is not sleeping ,it often plays on with balls .

I feed Mimi every day and give it clean water .

It never worries because we take good care it .

Mimi is my well friend. I like it very much. .

1. _________ 2. _________ 3. _________ 4._________ 5._________ 6._________ 7._________ 8._________ 9. _________ 10. _________ 1._________ 2._________ 3._________ 4. _________ 5. _________ 6.________ 7._________ 8. _________ 9. _________ 10._________


Good afternoon! Welcome Guangming Shopping Center.1. _________ There is different kinds of things in our center. 2_________ If you want flowers and clothes ,you can go to the first one floor. 3. _________ On the second floor ,there are many interesting cards and book . 4. _________ If you need CDs and CD players , please go to the third floor .5._________ By the way , if you are tired and would like to something to drink , 6. _________ please go down to first floor .7._________ You can get a lots of drinks there . 8. _________ Thank you for come . 9. _________ And hope you enjoy you day in our center. 10._________


Dear Mary ,

Thank you for telling me something for your Chinese teacher . 1. _________ I think your have a good teacher.2._________ Now let me telling you something about my English teacher . 3. _________ Miss White is come from America. 4._________ She is tall . And she very beautiful . 5._________ She has taught our English for two years . 6._________ She is always in blue,because blue is she favourite . 7. _________ She likes reading and she also loves travelling when she is free . 8._________ She is kind and helpfully .9. _________ All of us likes her very much10 _________ Best wishes !

Yours Li Hong 八、

Mike is middle school student . 1. _________ He will has a lot of things to do next week . 2 ._________ He will go to the movies for his parents on Monday . 3. _________ On Tuesday ,He will is going to play basketball4. _________ And he will go to the mountains at Wednesday . 5._________

On Thursday he will visits museums . 6._________




Old Sarah was a strange rich woman. He did not 80. ________

hope to see any of her relative. She felt what they81. ________

were interested in was her money. She was all right 82. ________

After she died, the relatives got together to hear Sarah's 83. ________

lawyer(律师) to read her will (遗嘱). They were sure that 84. ________

Sarah had left many money and they quarreled strongly85. ________

with each other when they waited the lawyer to arrive. 86. ________

After the lawyer came in the living room, he asked them87. ________

to sit down. He began to read the will in a seriously 88. ________

voice. Sarah has left all her money to her cats.89. ________


Mr Green come from England . 81. _________

He teaches English in middle school . 82. _________

He can speak some Chinese. He83. ________

goes at Chinese classes very week . 84. __________

He likes working in Chinese very much . 85. _________


Have you ever wanted to write a song? Two Sister.59._________

Mildred and Patty Hill, once write a little song. 60._________

It was a happily song that they loved to sing. It 61._________

was calling "Good Morning to You. "However, most62._________

other people didn't know the song very well. A day, 63._________

Mildred and Patty had a idea. It turned out (证明) to be 64._________

a very bad idea. They changed the words of the song. They 65.__________

called the new song "Happy Birthday to You." Theirs short66._________

birthday song is now very famous. Almost every body know 67.__________ the words, Did anyone sing it at your test birthday party? 68.__________


Hundred of years ago, news was carded by6. _____________

people on foot or by a horse. It took a long7. _____________

time people to receive news. Now it is possible 8. _____________

to send words and pictures in seconds. Billions of 9. _____________ people learn about news either by watching TV and by reading.10. ____________ 5.

Yesterday I went for shopping for shoes. The largest pair 1. I could find was an size 9 and I wear an 11! Everyone 2.

said they'd never heard of a size such big. All the people 3. in the shop were laughing me. They said they were very 4. surprised by my foot, but I found it so funny. 5. 6.

An international school has many students

coming from all different part of the world. There 1. are not Chinese students at international schools. 2. Most of the schools teach English and use English 3. textbooks. Students do not have much exams. 4. But they do have a lot of homeworks. 5. 7.

My mother has done so much for me! She always get 1.

up early in the morning to make me for breakfast . 2. And she often wakes up at the middle of the night to 3. see I’m sleeping well. Once, when I was ill, I couldn’t eat. 4. Mum was so worried that she wouldn’t eat, too. 5. 8.

I think it's a good idea to practise English with foreigners.

When we talk English to them , we have to forget our own 1. language. Through talking, we can improve our pronunciation.2. We can also learn many useful phrase and about western 3. culture. Practising English on voice chatting system is real easy. 4. Since we don't talk face to face, we needn’t to be afraid of 5. making mistakes. Even the shyest person will feel free to talk.


(1) When Bill Gates was young, he spent a lot of time developing computer programmes, doesn't he? __________

(2) ——Brown trousers are very popular this spring.

——Would you like to try it on?__________

(3) What interesting the film "Harry Potter" is!__________

(4) You'd better not to read in poor light. It's bad for your eyes.__________

(5) Beijing is changing fast. There will have more and more new parks and high buildings in the future. __________

(1) We can see lots of sheeps on the hill.( )________


(2) They flying kites in the park now. ( )________


(3) The twins are good to maths. ( )________


(4) There will have a class meeting next Monday afternoon.( )_______




















1.80. She 81. relative 82. all 83. 正确 84. to 85. much86. for 87. into 88. serious 89. had

2.81. come ---- comes 82. middle --- a middle83. 正确 84. at ---to85. Chinese --- China

3. 684. 6.Hundred---hundreds 7.去掉a 8.people前for 9.√ 10.and---or

5. 1. for shopping →shopping 2. an size →a size 3. such →that/ so4. laughing →laughing at

5. foot →feet

6. 1. part →parts 2. not →no / not →not any 3. English →in English4. much → many 5. homeworks → homework

7.1. get →gets 2. for breakfast → breakfast 3. at → in4. see → if/ whether 5. too → either

8. 1. English →in English2. Through →By3. phrase →phrases4. real →really5. needn’t to → needn’t

9. (1) doesn't改为didn't (2) it改为them (3) What改为How (4) to去掉 (5) have改为be 2. (1) (C) sheep (2) (A) are flying (3) (D) at (4) (A) be

10.1B。改为were laid。2.C。改为on。 3.D。改为it。4.A。改为What。5.D。

改为angrier。6.C。改为was spoken。7.B。改为been away from。8.A。改为Who。

9.D。改为don't need。10.D。改为leaving。