Ladies and Gentlemen,

Welcome to the inauguration of the new office for the Economic and Commercial Section of the Chinese Consulate General, and please allow me introduce to you its new director--Mr. Lin Kun.

The location of the office manifests our confidence in the future of Sydney’s development. And In view of the continuously increased commercial activities in this neighborhood after the year 2000, we are convinced that this district shall have great development prospect.

Today’s ceremony is held at a time when China-Australia economic and trade relations have entered a period of sustained development. Compared to its vast potential, the existing bilateral economic and trade exchanges may have not reached our expectation. However, through years’ endeavor from governments of all levels and entrepreneur in both countries, we now have deepened mutual understanding, no longer groping in the dark, with clear concepts what are each other’s urgent needs and what we can offer to each other.

Economic and Commercial Section, operating as part of diplomatic organ, does not directly get involved in business activities which are left to commercial communities, but to provide policy instruction and information services. And we are willing to provide our services to business communities in both China and Australia.





Good morning/afternoon/evening ladies and gentleman, Thank you for being on time/making the effort to come today. Let me introduce myself first. My name is...

英语演讲稿开头怎么写?英语演讲稿的开头问候听众是最基本的礼貌。在一个陌生的场合作英语演讲,英语演讲稿的开头可以先介绍自己。人的好(来自:WWw.hn1c.com 唯 才教 育 网:发言稿英文)奇心都特别强,如果台上站着一个不认识的人作演讲,听众们一定都想知道演讲者的身份背景信息。所以在英语演讲的开头,大大方方将自己介绍给听众,让大家认识自己,无论如何,这总比演讲结束了,台下的观众还不知道台上那个家伙是谁要强!英语演讲稿开头怎么写



I'd like to thank you for inviting/asking me/giving me the chance to...

I am grateful for the opportunity to present...



Thank you for giving me the opportunity to tell you about...

The subject of my presentation is...



Over the next ten minutes you are going to hear about something that will change the way your companies operate...

At the end of this presentation you will understand why this company has been so successful for so long...






honorable judges,distinguished guests,ladies and gentlemen,good evening!I feel really honored to stand here and make a speech.today I"m going to look together with you into this question:??

Good morning everybody!It's my honor to speak here,and I am very glad to share my topic with you. Then today I'd like to talk something about.....


Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the English Speaking Competition for Grade 2005. (掌声~~~) First of all, (Motivational model yuedu.mipang.com) please allow me to introduce myself, your host for today. I’m Sammy from Cla6, Grade 2005.


There are all together 26 contestants to compete in today’s English Speaking Competition, all from Grade 2005. And this competition will be mediated by a panel of five judges. Also on the panel are “question masters” who will be responsible for raising questions of today’s contestants. Now, I have the great privilege of presenting today’s judges.

(译文:角逐今晚比赛的有26名选手,他们均来自外院05级的同学。此次比赛我们邀请到了五名评委,五名评委中有两名是“提问员”,这两名“提问员”将对每位选手进行提问。好的,我很荣幸地向大家介绍一下我们的五位评委。 微笑状~)

Ladies and gentlemen, MiLiu, (掌声~~~) welcome; MiLuo, (掌声~~~)welcome?OK, after introducing our judges, now let’s go over the rules of the competition.

(译文:女士们,先生们,她们是刘老师,欢迎!骆老师,欢迎!?好的,介绍完我们的评委之后,让我们来看看今天的比赛规则吧。 微笑状~)

Each of the contestants has 3 minutes to present a prepared speech and 2 minutes to answer questions raised by the judges.


During the prepared speech, a staff member will raise a yellow board as a signal that there is half a minute left. Then, at the end of 3minutes, a red board will be raised to let the speaker know that the time has run out. So, please raise the red board. Thank you!

(译文:在命题演讲环节,在选手的演讲时间还剩下半分钟的时候,我们的工作人员将会举一块黄颜色的牌子示意。当3分钟时间一到,我们的工作人员会举一块红色的牌子示意时间已到。现在,工作人员示意一下下。谢谢! 微笑状~)

Now the topic for today’s prepared speech is “Olympic Games, Beijing 2008”.


Ladies and gentlemen, the top four winners today will be able to attend the College Final to be held on November 3rd.


Now let’s welcome contestant No.1

(译文:现在,让我们有请1号选手。 微笑状~)

Thank you for contestant No.1, now let’s welcome contestant No.2.

(译文:谢谢1号选手的演讲。接下来,让我们有请我们的2号选手。 微笑状~)

Thank you for contestant No.2. Here, ladies and gentlemen, I would like to announce the score of contestant No.1 is 86.6. Congratulations! Now, let’s welcome contestant No.3

(译文:谢谢我们的2号选手。女士们,先生们,下面我宣布1号选手的最后得分是:86.6分。恭喜!接下来,让我们有请我们的3号选手。 微笑状~)


Chinese dream-my dream

Good afternoon, Ladies and Gentlemen! I’m pretty

happy to make a speech in such a form. My name is Tian Jie. My topic today is Chinese dream-my dream.

No matter you and I in the life, having a dream

is great, big to a country, small to a person. A country without dreams, that is a sorrow and sadness to his nation; A person without dream, he or she is considered to be the walking dead, because the dream is the innovation, the dream is the future.

“I have a dream” Martin Luther King ever said,

in his speech, the American dream in his heart is that there is no discrimination and prejudice but pursuit of fairness and justice. Of course, I have a dream, my dream is very common, and my dream is very ordinary, but beautiful and sweet. My inner dream is to become a teacher, you know, teacher is said to be a holy and glorious career. They lit up others but burn themselves.

I have a dream; I hope that the children’s fa

ce always is permeated with the smile like spring.Ihave a dream, I hope that the young people can create their own brilliance with hardworking.

I have a dream; I hope that the old people can

enjoy their twilight years without any sorrow and


I have a dream; I hope that all of us can water

the beautiful flowers of dream with our hands, making her bloom gorgeous and marvelous!

I have a dream-----

This is our harmonious homeland that has the

brightest future.

We can conquer the biggest difficulties and do not have sadness anymore.

With all of our love get together

With all of our hearts turned on

We're meant to last forever because of having mutual dedications.

With all of our love get together

With all of our hearts turned on

We're meant to move forward because of sharing the same feelings.

We're meant to move forward because of sharing the same feelings.













凝聚每份爱,点燃颗颗心,奉献辉映奉献,让天长地久。 凝聚每份爱,点燃颗颗心,心心相印,一起朝前走。