UNIT 1 The King of Spiders


Ⅰ. 1.barbed 2.abdomen 3.burrow

4.fang 5.silk6. span

Ⅱ. C D G A B F E


Part 1

Ⅰ. 1. D 2. C3. A

Ⅱ. 1.leading2.inaccessible


4.are often biased

Part 2

Ⅰ. T F T T F

Ⅱ. 1.locations dare to step


3.break through tripping over

4.cut and scrape

5.impressivepain and irritation

Ⅲ. 1. You can hear the bats starting to swirl around as you

enter the cave.

2. West actually helped to identify this particular type of

tarantula on an earlier trip.

3. Finding a Goliath tarantula in this dense jungle is far

from on easy task.

4. If West finally locations a Goliath tarantula, he’ll face a

whole new set of dangers.

5. When threatened, many tarantula species will launch

these barbed hairs into the air.

Part 3

Ⅰ.√West finally finds a Goliath whose leg span is about ten

inches across.

√The Goliath tarantula detects prey mainly by feeling

instead of seeing.

√For many people, the tarantula’s bite may feel like a bee


Ⅱ. 1. Wonderful 2.back 3.rear 4.unsuspecting



Ⅰ. H G E F D I B A C



8.feels frightened/any fear

9.perfectly/extremely calm

10.confirmed human death



Ⅱ. 1.B2.C3.A4.B5.A

Ⅲ. 1. Caring for these creatures has become an enormously

entertaining and educational hobby.

2. Tarantula are not aggressive unless threatened by an

abrupt motion.

3. During the process, the spider’s soft inner body is

temporarily exposed and it can easily be injured or


4. It is essential not to disturb the spider during this


5. A screen cover is fine as long as it can be secured.



Ⅰ. 1.vulnerable 2.Eucalyptus 3.species




Ⅰ. 1.symbol


3.like toys


Ⅱ. 1.How lovely the koalas are and why they are at risk.

2. Tabart is the executive director foe the Australian Koala

Foundation and an expert on koala.

3.The koala’s future is very black.

4.It is cleared for housing, farms and roads.

Ⅲ. 1.The koala is so universally popular that it has become a

kind of symbol for the country of Australia.

2.Unfortunately, love alone, the expert say, may ot be

enough to ensure the koala’s future.

3.The forests that have always been home to koala are

being increasingly claimed and cleared for housing,

farms, and roads.

4.Each tree that is a lost or cut down adds more pressure to

the already vulnerable state of these animal.

5.This is prime koala habitat and in the lost two hundred

years since we’ve been ere, we’ve cleared about

eighty percent of this.

Ⅰ. 1.adequately2.remaining3.concessions


Ⅱ. 1-B 2-D 3-A 4-C

Part 3

Ⅰ. (1)1,200(2)half a billion (3)10 million




Ⅰ.1.B:Koala are cute, furry and cuddy like dolls.

2.D:Australia needs to pass new laws that will protect

koalas for future generations.

3.A:His America organization has come to talk to the

Australian Koala Foundation about how they are

helping to save wildlife in the U.S.

4.C:Koalas are hard to see in the wild because they

camouflage themselves.



8.landowner about koalas

9.experience in helping to save

10.contribute to the country’s economy


Unit One

Words to note; 3. 6. 4. 5. 1. 2.

Understanding the text Part A: Risk-taking willing to take risks. They are able to learn under conditions of some


Recall use techniques like rhymes and word associations to recall what has been


Errors are not discouraged by making errors but rather make errors work as a

constructive part of the learning process.

Getting exposure to the foreign language find ways of getting increased exposure to

the foreign language outside of the classroom. This may take the forms of talking to native speakers, watching TV programs and videos and reading extensively.

Using rules and knowledge of the first language develop a through understanding of the

rules of the foreign language and how to apply these rules. They also use knowledge of their first language to help them master the foreign language.

Part B: 1. b 2. ·before para. 13 ·para. 8 ·para. 2

3. Para. 7 &.13

Developing your skills Part A: 3. 8. 13. 1.

Part B:

6. 3. 2. 5. 1. 4.

Part C

* *** ** ** ** *

Part D

avoidant dependent participant competitive collaborative independent

Extending your vocabulary Part A: c e f b a d

Part B:

h g j a b I d e c f

Unit Two

Words to note: 4. 5. 1. 3. 2.

Understanding the text 1. C. D. 2. D 3. A 4. D

5. receiving full details of important production processes, which they then use to copy and sell the production of these processes.

6. buy the expensive software sold by Western companies and because software counties apply international laws with unfair harshness in Asia.

Developing your skills Part A: Text 1: Example Londax Rondax Example The breakfast cereal, Kellogg‘s Cornflakes, was copied as Kongal Cornstrips. Example Local laws should be changed to protect companies‘ intellectual property rights and

if this fails companies should employ more inspectors to check for copyright abuse.

Text 2: Argument The concept of intellectual property is a Western one and can harm the progress of

other countries. For this reason, copyright infringement should not be considered illegal.

Argument Copyright laws are not applied fairly; some countries (notably those in the Middle

East) are allowed to abuse copyright more easily than other countries.

Part B

Points of Contrast Text OneTxt Two Concept should be held in doubt. It is resent

and ignores ancient contributions to knowledge which are not charged for.

Effect Companies suffer financial losses and as a result are less likely to

Suggested solution

invest in building production plants in the offending country. The existence of piracy also makes companies less willing to put money into new research and development projects.

Copyright claims should be waived, or at least levied at a discounted rate for developing countries.

Extending your vocabulary Part A:

fake advanced massive essential

Part B

e d g h c b a f

Unit Three

Words to note


Understanding the text

Part B Interpretation

1. b) 2. d) 3. a )4. b )

Developing you skills

Part A : Structure of a passage (sequencing information ): further practice

Part B: Structure of a passage ( paragraph insertion): further practice Insert the paragraph between the present paragraphs 1 and 2

Part C: Structure of a passage ( paragraph reversal ): further practi(转 自 于:wWW.Hn1C.cOM 唯才教育 网:大学英语分级阅读-第三册)ce Paragraphand paragraph need to be reversed.

Extending your vocabulary

Part A : Word families

a) at below near

b)speakshout whisper scream

c) square circulartriangularrectangular hexagonal

d) drip squirt trickle flow run gush

e) walkrun leapjump jog stroll hop

“of” is the only one which does not indicate position/location.

“dance” does not describe sound; the other words are sounds made using the human voice. “spherical” describes a three-dimensional shape; the others are two-dimensional. “walk” is never used to describe the movement of a liquid; the other words do so.

“hold” describes a stable action, not a movement; the other words describe either horizontal or

vertical movement.

Expanding your creativity

Words to note

5, 8, 1, 6, 10, 4,2,7,9, 11, 3

Understanding the text

Part A: Author's attitude and purpose 1.d) 2.c)

Part B: Comprehension the text 1. c)2. d)3. c) 4.d) 5. a)

Developing your skills





1) accent

2) turn against

3) a couple of

4) takes his time

5) fate

6) confirmed

7) witness

8) subsequent

9) stands a chance

10) trial

1) belief

2) brilliant

3) employment

4) has saved up

5) stood a chance

6) were awarded

7) Presumably

8) conducted

9) casual

10) around (which student life) revolves

1) Joe wrote to say that he had to put off his visit because of his illness.

2) Despite the noise, they went on working as if nothing were happening.

3) Traffic was held up for several hours by the accident.

4) Called (up) on to speak at the meeting, I couldn't very well refuse.

5) Mrs. Stevenson looked in the cupboard and found there was not a single lump of sugar left.

6) It was the rumor that turned Joe against his twin brother.

7) We wondered how Sara was getting on in her new job.

8) Although Anne agreed with me on most points, there was one on which she was unwilling to give in.

9) Visitors could photograph almost anything here without having to ask for permission.

10) Whether we make an excursion or stay home will depend on tomorrow's weather.

1) uncertain,unafraid,unacceptable,unfamiliar,unequal;

2) unanswered,unattached,unknown,undecided,unexpected;

3) unhappily,unskillfully,unconsciously,unnecessarily,uncomfortably;

4) unsay,undress,untie,unlock,unload。

1) reliable

2) changeable

3) enjoyable

4) exhaustible

5) permissible

6) regrettable

7) breakable

8) imaginable

9) workable

10) applicable

1) countercharge

2) counterattack

3) counterpart

4) counteract

5) countermeasures

6) Counterculturists

1) Liz sang perfectly in the town hall yesterday afternoon.

2) I saw your brother and his girlfriend walking arm in arm in the park the other day.

3) It began to blow quite hard before midnight.

4) They moved the piano into another room upstairs last evening.

5) Come to my office at ten o'clock.

6) I was still living alone at home at the time.

7) Believe it or not, I ran into your cousin in a shop in New York